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About ESN?

Founded by ICPS the "International Centre for Parliamentary Studies", the "Electoral Stakeholders Network" (ESN) has been initiated as an accessible platform for electoral officials, electoral administrators, academic experts, electoral practitioners and suppliers to communicate across borders and share essential information for their daily work. The ESN-membership is free and exclusive to electoral stakeholders.

The comprehensive character of the network offers:

• Access to an election specific news feed, which is updated on a daily basis.

• A comprehensive archive of articles focussing on issues regarding elections, good governance, observer missions and much more.

• Summaries, reviews and full reports of academic research and latest scientific publications about, electoral studies, electioneering, governance issues, et al.

• A selection of videos and short films about observer missions, expert interviews, news, reports and ICPS events.

• An event calendar to keep you up to date.

• A discussion board and discussion function which makes it possible to comment on articles or research publications and share opinions with other members.

• The possibility to directly contact members of the network via the internal messaging function.

• The possibility to upload and share election specific information, publications and other written or recorded work with the members of the network.

• Member benefits for ICPS events.

The challenges faced by the international electoral community are manifold and became increasingly complex in recent years. Voting apathy, electoral fraud, voter registration and transparency issues, logistic shortcomings, violent upheavals and voter identification are only some issues affecting elections and hence also the quality of democrary.

Electoral stakeholders have to engage with the latter challenges on a daily basis. Tackling these challenges is constantly becoming more demanding and difficult. Taking these facts into account, ICPS understood that the latter challenges can only be approached through a better connection of the community of electoral stakeholders.

Only a constant exchange of best practices and experiences as well as a strong network between the different actors allow it to respond effectively and efficiently to the diversity of challenges in the field of elections. The Electoral Stakeholders Network has been designed to exactly meet and facilitate these requirements of electoral officials across the globe.

If you have any questions about the "Electoral Stakeholders Network" please contact

Nina Corradini
Electoral Network Coordinator