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Forthcoming Events
Event Title : 5th International Electoral Awards 2017
Event Location : To be revealed shortly
Event Date : 2017-12-04

Event Detail : Nominations for the 5th International Electoral Awards 2017 are now open!

If you would like to nominate a candidate or follow the awards process, please visit the website or sign up to the Electoral Stakeholders Network.  

Welcome to the 5th ICPS International Electoral Awards

ICPS and ICEP have established an award exclusively for electoral stakeholders, in recognition of their work and to acknowledge their significant contribution to the democratic process beyond the community of electoral professionals, practitioners and experts. There is broad international consensus that elections are the cornerstone of every democracy. However, it is not enough to carry out elections to be considered a real democracy. There are essential principles that have to be fulfilled. Only free, fair, equal, safe and consistent elections which take place in a peaceful environment and put citizens at the heart of the electoral process allow a democracy to be truly representative. The ICPS International Electoral Awards consists of multiple categories covering the broad range of sectors within the field of elections. The categories have been selected in order to consider all outstanding achievements made in elections. The award categories are:   Every member of the Electoral Stakeholders Network is eligible to nominate candidates to be considered for an award. For further information about the nomination procedure, please see the award guidelines. Nominations will be accepted until 30th of July 2017. After the nomination period the International Electoral Award Committee will create a shortlist for each award category which will be published on the Electoral Stakeholders Network website. Subsequently, the Committee will select a winner in each category, to be announced at the International Electoral Awards Ceremony, which will take place at the end of the year 2017.