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Author:  Lauren Kunis Publisher:  National Democratic Institute Published Date:  04/04/2013 Resource Type:  Paper Language:  English

Around the world, civil society activists are increasingly adopting an ever-widening array of communications and technology tools to push governments to become more transparent, accountable, and responsive to citizen demands. Government institutions such as national legislatures, however, have been far less likely to engage in similar efforts. This is especially true in many developing democracies in West Africa, where limited human and financial resources, weak nationwide technology infrastructure and usage, and limited awareness of the benefits of such tools have historically prevented legislators and staff from utilizing technology to improve the efficiency and transparency of parliamentary operations. Yet in order to meet citizen expectations and respond to quickly-mounting pressure for greater responsiveness, legislatures in the region – and international partners seeking to deliver information and communications technology (ICT) tools and practices in democracy support programming – will need to make concerted efforts to more ably integrate technology into governance processes in the immediate term.

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