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13th International Electoral Affairs Symposium
December 2016

The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies has held International Electoral Affairs Symposiums and International Electoral Awards ceremonies all over the world - from Malaysia, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Jamaica and more.

This year, we are delighted to announce that the International Electoral Affairs Symposium and International Electoral Awards will be held in Maputo, Mozambique, in cooperation with The Mozambique Electoral Commission (CNE).

The most recent International Electoral Affairs Symposiums held in Namibia, in cooperation with the Election Commission of Namibia, was hailed a great success, with participants hailing from over 30 different countries.

The Symposium brings together international election management bodies, NGOs, donor agencies and other relevant stakeholders to share their experiences, discuss the ongoing challenges in election management and strengthen international relations. This significant event will recognise the work of key individuals and organisations for their contributions and achievements in electoral affairs.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • • Improving accessibility for voters
  • • Advances in electronic voting technologies
  • • Ensuring EMBs are independent and free from interference
  • • Modernising the electoral processes with minimal disruption
  • • Building transparency and accountability in elections
  • • The impact of training in the electoral process
  • • Biometric - enrolment, identification & verification solutions
  • • The value of the vote - equality in the value of votes
  • • Security seals, labels, indelible ink and ballots for elections

High Profile Speakers

You will hear from high level public officials and leading international experts, offering a variety of perspectives in relation to effective election management. A series of interactive presentations, workshops, round-table discussions and case studies will take place over the course of the three days and will include contributions from senior electoral officials, academic experts and global solution providers, who have vast experience in planning and overseeing successful elections worldwide.


The Symposium will also provide hours of networking time, including breakfast round-table discussions, coffee breaks, lunches, drinks receptions and dinners, ensuring that all participants have the maximum possible time to establish and strengthen relationships and exchange ideas.

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